Monday, June 2, 2008

A nightmare for me

I finished the much dreaded table runner from hell. I'm sorry but I just absolutely hate sewing for profit for other people. It's torture for me. First off I never know what to charge for a thing. Secondly I hate being told what to do. And finally thirdly, something always goes wrong!

I seriously need to learn how to gracefully and graciously say NO. My coworker brought a customer over to me so I could give her some advice on fabric to match her decor. No problem. I show her several things while inquiring what said fabric was for. Next thing I know I'm designing a table runner on the spot and explaining how very simple it is to sew one. Somewhere along the way I missed the deer in headlights look from the customer and was hijacked into making this for her. UGH! I am way too helpful... I need to learn KISS as in Keep It Simple Stupid so I can avoid this type of hostage taking situation in the future.

I'm resolved though, this is it, no more, absolutely not again. I swear it! Seriously, I mean it. I admore making a gift for a friend or even making something with an eye towards selling it. But to do custom sewing is not my thing at all. I stress out, I obsess, I procrastinate, I dwell, it's awful for me. And I do not care to impart the item with all those negative feelings, bad crafting karma!

So after much trouble and a few very slight alterations to the project, the table runner is finished. I'm charging $20 for it and whether that's too much or too little, I don't care, I just want out! I'm giving it to my coworker to deliver and collect the money for it. And to be honest I could careless if I get anything out of it, if they love it or not, I'm done with the blasted thing!

All future sewing for others will be confined to gift giving or inventory to sell, no more custom! EVER! I mean it now!

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