Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another view

Since I mowed the front yard for Father's Day I decided I better get a few pictures fast before it's overgrown again!!! We are not big yard people, don't get me wrong, I adore a gorgeous yard, heck, even a neat looking yard draws an admiring gaze from me but we're just too dog-gone lazy and uninspired around my humble shack to spend much time working on the outside. At least my dear Mister has an excuse, he works out of doors all day long and I don't blame him one hot moment for wanting to be inside when he gets home to soak up some chillin' a/c time in front of the computer...Me though, I can't come up with a good excuse other than I don't wanna be outside, it's too hot!

Now in my previous post you wouldn't have seen those hideous pieces of pressure treated lumber hanging horizontally across my 100 + year old home, nope, that's cause the picture in my previous post was taken before Katrina hit. See, Katrina (God bless those folks caught up in all that) changed the way insurance companies do their business. Now they are ober careful about the policies they write and having a 100+ year old house built before building codes came on to the books in the land of redneck just means I have to do some things to protect the guilty and no-counts (potential lawsuits looking to make a dime) that I wouldn't do to protect my beloved ones. Meaning, those hideous pressure treated timbers are part of protecting my me and my insurance company from liability should someone aka read: stranger, thief, criminal who doesn't know us decide to actually venture onto my sagging front porch and are up to no good and decide to take a header off the side, that lumber is supposed to give them a hand hold and stop them from suing me and the insurance company.

OK I did explain to the agent how they affected the appearance of my historical time period home and messed with the design integrity of it but he wasn't budging so there you have it, the story of the hideous pressure treated railings around my front porch.
Now should a thief make it up the steps with the aid of the handy man special hand rail, then he would see my lovely wreath I made a few weeks back while on vacation time at home. It's one I've had for years and years only it used to have a cheap Walmart sunflower garland wrapped around the top of it which only looked good the first year it was hanging. Now it has the heads of deflowered silk flowers from work on it, lol, yup, I follow the stock men around the store when they are sweeping up the floral dept and pick thru to get the goodies, lol One man's trash is this woman's craftin' treasure. Sorry you can't really see the cute white bird on a stick poking up along the right side and a little wooden birdhouse that "The Girl" (I'll explain who she is later) painted. Trust me, it's cute enough for my porch, lol And best part, total cost of remake, NOTHING

Now here's a side view picture, sorry you can't see the shepherd's hook with empty hummingbird feeder, again, "The Girl" did that. Notice my's from last fall, I don't have a summer one, want one but don't have one. We don't sell them where I work and I rarely make it out anywhere else to shop except Hellmart.

Now this last picture is of one of my window boxes that my dear Mister built and hung for me years and years ago. This is the first time in years I've had anything in them except leaves! Again, this is not my doing, "The Girl" did it, she planted and managed to keep them watered. Better than we did with the hanging baskets on the front porch, lol, oops! Maybe you didn't notice those in the first picture....
Now you don't have to tell me how lucky I am to have a darling Mister who can build things! I know it already! It's tough to get him to do something, I suspect most husband's are like that, but once he gets started and actually finishes then it's How Freakin' Great is This? I Love It, Thank You Honey!

This is a slightly closer look at the prettier outside parts of my home. I hope you enjoyed it, lol


The Romantic Portuguese Daughter said...

Well, I think your home is wonderful! So pretty!

I guess you could always enclose the porch with a railing? LOL! I's not suppost to be like that.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love getting to know people who I would have never met. So cool don't you think?

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Pink Portuguese Roses

Susie Harris said...

Girl, you may be my neighbor... I wish you worked at a HL close by my house..I shop at the two in Baton Rouge.. O'neal and College. Your yard looks very nice too. I like to cut grass cause not a one will help and when you are on the mower you dont have to answer the phone... Hope you have a great Monday, Susie H~

Hooked on Houses said...

Love your pretty flower box in the window! -Julia