Friday, June 6, 2008

an apron of her own

I've been wanting to make an apron for quite some time, months actually. Must be my bad habit of procrastinating. Wednesday morning I unwrapped the pattern tissue and started cutting out my pieces. Then I rooted through my stash of rolled up fabric remnants looking for just the perfect piece. I found a rather feminine floral fabric, black background, not the sort of design I'd make an article of clothing out of so it's perfect for my "test" project. Each time I attempt to make something that I think I'll make a lot more of, I like to call it a test. Don't know why, just me being me.

Now I needed a contrast for the ruffled flounce and pocket so I found a piece of black and white gingham which I think goes perfectly with the black and cream floral print. I cut out the pocket pieces and actually managed to sew them together before having to abandon my project to go to work. I returned too late to work on it as I needed to be up early yesterday to go open the store. But last night after dinner and a movie I was finally able to spend some time with my apron project. Then I discovered I didn't have a single piece of anything I'd be willing to use as lining for it, UGH

I'm off today so after a visit with my sewing fairy godmother to relieve her of a truck bed full of stuff-n-fluff I'm going to dash into Hellmart and find something suitably cheap to use for lining and I'll have this Betty sewn together in time for wearing during tonight's dinner prep! Hide and watch!

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