Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My darling Mister took me junk shopping Saturday. There was an antique shop on Main Street of my little town which I call Mayberry with a touch of affection which is another story for another day. But this shop I've eyed for well over a year now and never made it downtown during store hours to visit, that is, until Saturday. Wowser was it full of stuff! Most of it grossly overpriced for my taste and budget. We did manage to score a few treasures though.

My Mister found some vintage comic books and an antique compass, very cool looking. I found a chippy red wire basket that my Mister says went into a Hoosier cabinet. I'm going to use it in my creative room to hold papers, etc. I'd rather it wasn't red, blue would be perfect but hey, it's old and chippy so who cares? And I found a collection of old sheet music for $3. Everything was also on sale for 20% off which helped. I had this idea I'd use the sheet music in crafting on collages or whatever.

Then we went to Habitat for Humanity store. Outside stacked against the exterior wall was loads of old chippy windows! And they were marked $1 each! I so wanted one in particular but my Mister said no as they contained lead based paint. UGH! I explained what I was going to do with the window but still he was unmoved. Then he relented enough to say "measure where you want to put it" meaning he would find me one sometime. The rest of the store contained junk, not the good kind either.

Finally our third stop in our junk shop tour was Salvation Army. Again lots of junk with very few treasures and the prices on some things were surprisingly high considering the condition of the items and the fact they were donated. It was half price day so I picked up a few booklets with cross stitch patterns that I liked.

OK, it's obvious if I'm ever going to find some really great junk stuff for fabulous can't pass it up prices I'm going to have to find a new locale to shop in.


The Nester said...

Oh I love the H for H Restore--one of the best places.

How come I'm never at the salvation army on half price day.

I too am one who thinks lots of the prices at thrift stores are too high. I guess you know you are thrifty when...

I wanted to thank you for all of you kind, inspiring, encouraging words that you have left for me over at my place! I really appreciate and look forward to reading all of your comments! Thanks for your support, girl!

The Nester said...

Have a great day at work--lucky!