Friday, September 26, 2008

a little update from me...

hello everyone! another post and no pictures *sorry* it's been a week since I posted and still I'm not back home, still on the road doing the Lobby thing. I've worked so many hours that my overtime has gone into overtime *smile* I'm praying sometime Tuesday I can head towards my beloved family cause I've sure been missing them something terrible! and ya'll too! I droll over the idea of spending an entire day planted in front of my computer catching up with everyone's wonderful blogs and decorating adventures.

Today we had what is called a "soft" open meaning we opened the doors to the public but didn't advertise. People were so excited to see the new store they were over heard on cell phones calling friends and family "hey Hobby Lobby is open NOW" *giggles* I can't tell you how proud I felt to be a part of it and see how this one store brought such happiness and excitment to a small community. People were saying things like "I've been waiting forever for ya'll to open a store here" or "I'm so happy you're here" just nice things said by nice people, this is a great community. And I got to be a part of it..

Hopefully soon I'll be back home where I belong but until then know that I am so missing reading everyone's blogs. Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hi Ya'll

OK just a quick note to say that I miss ya'll so much! You can't imagine the withdrawal I'm suffering from, withdrawal from my family & friends, my sewing machine, sunshine, free time, computer time, crafting time, you name and I'm suffering from missing it. I am not suffering from lack of working hours though spent on my feet *sigh* But I'm learning a lot and have met some interesting people. No tree fluffing though, maybe this weekend *fingers crossed*

And I learned the future of the road teams is short, seems corporate is trying to put together a permanent team based out of OKC that will fly into a Lobby-less town at a moment's notice to put a store together and as I've no interest in relocating or being on the road 10 months of the year, I'm going to just be thankful for this opportunity to see how it all works.

Do you think my sewing machine will remember me?

Hope ya'll have a wonderfully blessed weekend... I have heard a rumor that I may be headed home sometime Thursday or Friday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Miz Hobby Lobby has almost left the building

Remember when I asked for prayers on receiving a certain work related assignment? Well I got chosen for the team and my scheduled departure time is fast arriving. I'm so nervous. I've never been on one of these new store sets as they are called and to top it off our District Manager made me Lead Person for the department I'm working in for this set. Can you believe it? So much confidence in my untested abilities is overwhelming and I sure don't want to disappoint him!

So here's the deal, I'm going to be gone for maybe as few as 6 days and as many as 14 days working straight thru the entire time incredibly long hours, most likely something like 8 am till 8 pm or 7 am till 8 pm or something similiar. The store will be set with merchandise according to the current corporate layout and I'm in charge of my respective dept, fabric and needlework.

I'll stay in a hotel room along with my roommate whom I've never met before, having been matched up according to smoking or as in my case non smoking preferences then our days will be spent work, work, working on putting a new store together. Mucho overtime pay! Pretty exciting but pretty nerve wracking too as I'm a homebody and will miss my family so much! I wish I had a laptop I could take with me but sadly I don't. There is supposed to be a pc at the hotel according to their website so fingers crossed I can keep up to date with all of you although I won't attempt to blog anything during this time.

So this is my temporary farewell post till I return and can update on my grand Hobby Lobby adventure. I'm taking my digi camera so hopefully I can get some tree fluffing pictures and do a tutorial on it. Truly it's simple, so simple you're probably already doing it! I'm so addicted to seeing everyone's projects! *smiles* I'll miss ya'll so much!

If this assignment goes well for me then I may be on the next one scheduled for Spring in the Charleston SC area! I love me some Charleston *smiles* OK my darling crafting diva friends don't forget me while I'm gone and I'll visit ya'll on your blogs as I can *smiles*

Bye bye!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Copy Cat Rag Garland

Darlene of Darlene's Days made a cute rag garland and posted a great tutorial on it. I also made one of these in very miniature form last year for my kitchen island Christmas tree but it wasn't nearly as full as the one Darlene made and I'm attempting to make. It's not finished, most likely won't be finished for a few weeks yet with my grand adventure looming on the horizon but I wanted to post this so Darlene could see I really am working on it *smiles*

Here's my cute fabric I bought to get me started, of course an iced cafe mocha helps the process tremendeously! Darlene failed to mention that part but I figured it out *giggles*

I moved from my dining room to my craft room so my table could go back to looking like this before I depart for Statesboro GA.

For shame my work area in my craft space is a disgrace.

Yikes! How can anyone work in this mess?

My dear sweet very own Mr Darcy drilled some holes in my letters for me. Too bad I haven't managed to paint them yet.

And here's a peek at my rag garland in process. I got to diggin' thru my stash and found some other fabric and trim bits to add to it. Can't wait to show it off when it's finally finished! Thanks Darlene for a great tutorial!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sofa Wall

When I first started working at the Lobby two years ago these tapestry panels were in the clearance bin! Since we had just moved back into our home less than 4 months before I was in desperate need of decorative things that were big, cheap, and in my new colors. This tapestry fit the bill perfectly and I eyed it for several weeks till my payday rolled around and I was able to buy it. A quickie hem job around the edges, a trip to Walmart for a cheap rod and ring clips to hang it. I had wall art! I still love this tapestry...

But it needed a little more oomph so I added some bullion fringe to the bottom and swapped out the cheapy rod for a nicer one that matched my window treatments.
A muslin casing sewn to the back and bye bye ring clips.
This is what she looks like now but I'm wondering if I should add some draped cording looping across the top to match the fringe? I've been debating that idea for months now...

Then a few days ago I got the call I live for... My boss said I'll make you a deal on the clearance aisle stuff... I quickly grabbed a buggy and off I went... I got three buggies full of stuff and paid less than $10 for it all. My discount applied on top of his incredible deal. I got these three wall keys and was wondering if I should paint them black and hang them on either side of the tapesty? Maybe one on the left side and two on the right staggered? Whaddya think? Opinions anyone?

Please don't look at my scarred up wood floor *sigh* When removing carpeting the renters had destroyed we discovered wood flooring! It's all scarred up and discolored, the carpet had been glued down and I used the most noxious smelling stuff in full protective gear to scrape the old glue off the wood. Hard to believe we owned this house for 14 years before we made this discovery. I guess in a way the renters destruction was a blessing in disguise. Cause I love wood floors even discolored and scarred up. One day we'll refinish them but for now I just live with them as they are. Ooops sorry, where were we? Oh yes, the keys? So what do ya'll think? Paint them? Hang them? Forget them?