A bit more about my home that I love

My 100+ year old home started it's life as a simple country church then in the early 1930's went on the country tax rolls as it was converted and split into a duplex for two large families (8 on one side and 10 on the other).  The high beadboard ceilings were lowered and covered with ceiling tiles.  The interior space was divided up with walls and all resembleance to a church was lost. 

Years past and while owned by a local restauranteer and political legend in the late 60's to early 70's it was remodeled into a single family dwelling.  Then a later owner covered the white clapboard exterior with cheap yellow vinyl siding.  One of the two front doors of the duplex was closed up poorly at this time.

We purchased our home in the early 1990's and what little we know about it's history we learned from our oldest neighbor who sadly passed several years ago.  Some of our projects over our years of living here have included connecting to county water, installing a heating and air system, replacing floor joists, installing wood floor in kitchen, removing carpet, installing new lavatory and toliet, remodeling laundry room, replacing a window and a door, as well as countless interior painting. 

Currently all our windows need replacing as well as our front door, our front porch is literally falling in, the floors are scarred from removing the glued down carpeting, and many other projects that depress me to even think about.  We have major renovations ahead of us and zero budget but on the plus side this old house has stood on once sacred ground and God willing will continue to stand.  and  it's almost paid for which is a huge plus. 

And that's the short condensed version of the bare facts about my home.

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