Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Super Star

Monday is freight day where I work and it's always busy. Digging thru boxes, checking off the invoice, pricing everything and putting it up. In between all of that is customers to wait on. My coworker and I have devised a plan that we've been using for well over a month and it works great for us. We first work on her freight then we work on mine. This way we both share in helping the customers who come to my dept and I'm not stuck with all them. Sometimes customers can be such a challenge but I'll blog more on that later, lol

Yesterday I also had to put up the floral dept freight as the floral lady was out of town attending a funeral (so sad). My boss walks by several times throughout and said "My super star" or "you're a super star" or just plain "super star"... I know I'm a glory hound but hey, who does it hurt? NO ONE, lol And I love it... !

My creative thought for the day was I somehow have to manage to get to Mary Jo's in Gastonia while I'm on vacation so I can purchase a piece of that Wizard of Oz fabric a customer brought in to show off! OMGoodness, it's to die for!

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