Friday, May 30, 2008

Dining room mistreatments

Since my dream of a French country inspired sewing room bit the dust with the return of my little bird to the nest I now have turned my decorating aspirations towards my dining room. The walls are Eddie Bauer Bungalow Gold on top and a combination of Brick Dust and Burning Bush glazed over the bottom portion. My dining table and chairs are painted black. The antique Hoosier cabinet is painted Toffee Crunch pulling in the kitchen cabinetry color to the dining room. I have two black wicker bookcases and a faux fireplace with antique mantel in Golden Mushroom which is also my trim color in the room.

Awhile back I purchased over 9 yards of decorator fabric on clearance for an insane $2/yard. It's a lovely smallish floral print on a muslin colored background in reds and golds. Perfect color match for my dining room and as well as very French country feeling. I have wanted to bottom border some panels for a long time as I think it looks amazing, now I have the perfect opportunity to do it. I have added 18 inches of dark red silk to the bottom of my simple panels and topped it with a wrapped tassel trim in a golden color. The result is stunning and elevates my dining room to a slightly more elegant look vs the casual look it's been grounded at. I've been busily cutting, pressing, pinning, sewing and hope to finish them today. Naturally I've followed the advice of my favorite decorating blog The Nester and will hang them 4 inches above my window trim and about 2 inches to the sides of my window as well as hemming them so they rest upon the floor.

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The Nester said...

Way to go--don't you love finding extra use for all of your fabric?

You and your insider clearance and sale deals. Lucky.