Monday, May 19, 2008

Projects Started

Somehow I manage to create a list of things I'd like to do on the weekend much longer than I'm able to finish. This is what I created this weekend:

Lounge pants: I have some fitted sheets that are so soft that I'm loath to part with them even though their elastic is completely shot and they creep easily off my mattress corners. I've noticed a lot of crafting blogs have been making lounge/pajama style pants from vintage flat sheets. So I thought why not from the fitted sheet as my flat sheets have plenty of life left in them. Sunday afternoon found me laying out and pinning a pattern to one of my fitted sheets. I even managed to start sewing them up!

Lined Baskets: I have some baskets that I purchased years ago from Waccamaw Pottery, these are blond and rectangle shaped along with some collected oval baskets that have seen better days. I've been using these in my scrap room but thought they need a little zing to update them. One can of cheap spray paint in flat black and a bit of left over black and white scroll fabric later and I have a stylish set of lined baskets to hold all my tools, pens, and whatnots.

Table Skirt: Remember my post on visual clutter in scrap room? This is part two of the project, skirting the work table under the stamp hutches. I finally got it made and hung with velcro to my table. I can't tell you how much it adds to the overall decor of my room. I'm totally loving it.

Warehouse Fabric Shopping: This wasn't on my list but a sweet little friend of mine wanted to check it out so we drove over Saturday for a few hours of fabric shopping and lunch. Found a few interesting bits for myself, she found $230/yard designer fabric for $3.99/yard!!! It will make a gorgeous Renn Faire style dress for her.

That's my weekend! Next weekend my vacation starts....

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