Friday, May 16, 2008


Time is super short this morning... After rousing "the boy" from slumber and getting his help moving two really huge and bulky bags of fluff into the bed of Mr Fluff's pick up truck which is on loan to me today for transporting said fluff, I was inspired to do a bit of crafting goodness on the PQ (read: pretty quick).

First I started off with an old country craft framed print of a little boy in blue and some appropriately circa 1980's country crafting phrase of wisdom and took it apart. Cleaned the glass, etc. Then I painted the small stained wood frame black and didn't do that great of a job of it as I noticed a corner could have used a bit more coverage (insert the mantra of THE NESTER here - don't remember it you say? read previous post posthaste) then I painted the oval mat in robin's egg blue. While both dried I found an appropriate rub on phrase in my stash of stashes "bE yOu" and cut a piece of white cardstock to fit inside frame. Once the mat was dried I positioned my rub on & using one of my many appropriated Hobby Lobby box cutters to rub it on I had a piece of personalized art. Again inspired by THE NESTER, I plugged in my trusty Natilda and glued some fluffy bits to it. Black and white check ribbon to hang it from, another smaller check ribbon bow in the corner, some spanish moss and mushroom bird on top and it's so stinkin' cute I amaze myself!

Here's the breakdown on materials cost:
  • Frame - from my packrat stash of wooden country-ish bits in attic
  • Cardstock - more stash bought by ream at Sam's several years ago
  • Rubon - left overs from another project and I originally paid $1 for package
  • Ribbon - less than Zippo as I buy bits from work for dirt cheap
  • Paint - black was nada as it was left overs from a project for friend who bought supplies and I supplied labor and blue paint was 67 cents - 15% employee discount purchased for multiple upcoming projects
  • Glue for Natilda - maybe a few cents, I've purchased glue sticks maybe twice in over 15 years for my glue gun as I buy the biggest bag I can find each time

Wow would you look at the time!?!? Gotta run, working this afternoon/evening!

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