Friday, May 16, 2008

Ode to The Nester

Wowser, within one short week of blogging here THE NESTER posted a comment on my blog! Imagine my delight and surprise! OMGoodness, I am so not worthy of the honor... Seriously, she is such an inspiration to so many of us time challenged perfectionists as well as to the no craftiness whatsoever gals. She has a mantra that I love "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" and while my OCD tendencies ladden personality won't allow me to hot glue trim to a curtain it will allow me to take a few short cuts here and there, all of which THE NESTER treats us to daily, wonderful short cutting tips that save money and time while imparting a meaningful, personal style to our homes and projects. Who doesn't love that? And she's got a unqiue spunky straight talking style to her writing that is downright charming. Did I mention she's a tiny thing with three strapping handsome young sons and a beefcake hubs? OK I should hate her but I challenge anyone to still hate her after reading her bloggy goodness, you can't, it's impossible, she's just too darn sweet and funny!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure now that I have only two readers, me and The Nester, but should you have found your way here by some cosmic computer glitch, trust me, go check out THE NESTER, she rawks, like totally, ya know?

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