Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Inexpensive Revamping

In the world of window treatments a major no no is having your panel curtains stop before touching the floor. Every decorating blog shows big box McMansions with curtain panels that brush the floor or puddle. Having spoken with a pro her advice was to avoid "puddling" because it just looks like a waste of fabric and appears unprofessional but definitely have panels "resting" on the floor.

With a critical eye and this advice, I evaluated my living room window treatments. The Martha Stewart panels have served me well over the years. They are neutral in color with a all over leaf vine design adding interest. Resting on the floor though? Sadly not. And the tab tops feel casual where I'd prefer a feeling of more elegance.

Shopping in my stash produced a nice piece of decorator fabric that I'd been saving for my dining room window treatments. But since my dream of a French country inspired sewing/guest room vaporized I've decided it's the perfect inspiration for my dining room leaving the black/red/gold plaid up for grabs. Careful measuring and planning was a must since I only had about a yard and a half for 4 panels plus a smaller curtain for the door. Not wanting to waste a single bit of this fabric I made rod pockets from muslin eliminating the need to fold over the top for forming a casing allowing all of the fabric to show.

Another dig thru my stash closet provided lush pom pom fringe in rich black with a single jewel cut clear bead above each pom. With the addition of a new chair in black/red/gold paisley brocade to replace my burgandy leather recliner my color scheme is firmly established. Now to do something with that blue faux oriental area rug...

This project was extremely low cost, I estimate that I spent less than $1 revamping my window treatments but only because I purchased the material by the pound at a decorator warehouse and the trim was another steal at 50% off clearance marked price of $1/for the bolt plus my 15% employee discount. But for others who are not as fortunate as I am with fantabulous bargains I would estimate this could easily be done for around $20 depending upon fabric and trim choice, number of windows, etc.

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