Thursday, May 15, 2008

Flowers, flowers, everywhere flowers

I love my job. OK there I've admitted it. For the last two days I've been in the floral dept helping the floral manager reset her stems. First off I love her but she hasn't a clue what she is doing with her relay (technical term our corp office calls the actual moving of stuff around). So I've pretty much taken over and I'm telling her what to do which won't come as a surprise to my friends. Now the absolute best part is I'm chin deep in floral stems rearranging them to their new little holders so they are all beautiful and color coordinated. What fun! Even if they are silk flowers, still it's total eye candy and has me daydreaming about making gorgeous wreaths and things. Now today it will be back to my dept, fabrics, for me because it's been neglected for two days and I need to straighten things up and write me order up for next week. I can definitely see me looking at some Floral Arranging for Dummies books in my near future!

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The Nester said...

don't tell me you work at hobby lobby. i'll be totally jealous!

So glad you liked my breadcrumbs! I miss our dog--isn't that what they are for? Maybe we should get a mouse or something to eat our crumbs!

That frame you saw was from garden ridge that is just premade framed pieces of black scrolled wood. I like it because it's not a painting and I cannot commit to paintings!