Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bought a book

Awhile back I purchased a book from Gooseberry Patch "Sew Simple". Naturally I had a coupon + my 15% employee discount. Really I only bought it for a particular project, one I could have easily figured out on my own but chose not to, fabric covers for hangers. I've made one so far, have one half finished, and two more cut out awaiting their turn on my sewing machine. The thing is sometimes it takes having a tactile reminder of a proposed project in order to actually start working on said project. Atleast it does for me. Having gotten the book I was determined to make sure I used it thereby rationalizing it's purchase.

Another cute project in the book was a stuffed wool felt frog. The Girl (The Boy's Girl) decided she wanted to make it, so I bought her a yard of cute cheap fabric and she set about frog making.

In the book is a gift bag project from old linen tea towels. Wow, I don't have any old linen tea towels laying about and if I did I certainly wouldn't be making them up into little gift bags. But the germ of the idea was born and after months I think I've come up with a pretty good alternative. From the fabric warehouse I love to frequent, I've gotten stacks of small bits of lovely fabrics, some florals, some plaids, most are not the size I'd need to make a purse from unless I did some sort of patchwork, but I snapped them anyway because they are lovely and cheap. Now the germ of idea has sprouted. I know what I must try next.

And finally there is a cute cute cute tote bag sized sling over the shoulder hobo style bag made from two gigantic triangle pieces of fabric. Hmmmm, looks very interesting. Gotta dig around in my stash for this one.

I truly hope I manage to get a move on with these projects. So many projects! So much laziness!

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