Monday, January 12, 2009

Where have I been?

Life in retail can be brutal... After suffering thru 3 months of cranky, rude holiday shoppers I was faced with inventory! Each and every roll of trim, ribbon, cording had to be counted... Every bolt of fabric weighed and recorded. After a week of lots of prep work and counting the inventory team arrived bright and early Saturday morning! We all were so happy to see them! And on my one day off I got to go sit in one of these! Lucky me huh? I feel about dentists the same way I feel about doctors, they are to be avoided! There's just something about having my head lower than my feet while reclining in a chair, having a bright light glaring in my eyes and my mouth open all the while with sharp instruments and someone else's hands in it causing me to lose all ability to communicate clearly that bothers me.... Call me crazy!
Remember my Statesboro trip? I lost what I thought was a filling while eating a very sticky granola bar. I just suffered with it, figuring I'd get things checked out sooner or later. A week ago the pain started and didn't stop but due to inventory at the store I wouldn't leave my post to have it checked. Then I discovered my sweet dentist is no longer seeing patients, gosh had it been that long since my last checkup? I guess so... I found a new one who I'm not afraid of *smiles* but now I'm facing a trip to the oral surgeon!

So that's where I've been this past week, at my store doing lots of inventory type things while suffering from the worst toothache you can imagine, popping Advils like crazy just to survive.
I promise I'll be around to visit and leave comments on everyone's blog just as soon as I can. Until then I keep thinking about all I have to be grateful for... a very understanding family and boss who promises to work with me while I take care of this bothersome problem, a healthy baby kitten who is growing by leaps and bounds, a fast internet connection so I don't feel disconnected from everyone, and plenty of Advil *smiles*


Anonymous said...

Poor girl!Inventory and dental unfair. Hope your week goes well too.

Darlene said...

Oh Kitty, Kitty, must take care of things when they happen then you wouldn't be in this situation. Not trying to preach to you or be your mother but you must take care of your teeth! *smiles* Can you tell that has been drilled into my head! So, I go every six months and make my family go also...we can't be any of those toothless Okies!

I can't even imagine doing inventory in a big store like HL! I think that would definitely be the drudgery of working there. Glad it is over for you.

My Midnight is growing away also and she has that fat little kitten tummy (so cute). It is amazing how quickly they grow isn't it!?!?

linda said...

Which is worse...the inventory or the toothache!?! Really, there is nothing worse than a bad toothache. I go to the dentist tomorrow morning as a matter of fact. Just routine thankfully!

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Ooh, inventory...brutal! Hope your tooth problem is better soon!

Sweetie said...

I've heard my daughter talk about inventory and working around the clock. All of that and a tooth problem too. I hope that it can be painlessly taken care of.

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Bless your heart, Kitty! I worked at JCPenney while in college and the Christmas crowd could be brutal! I know you are glad that is over! LOL! So sorry you are having such a terrible toothache and at such a stressful time! Hope it is all better soon! ~Big hugs sent your way, Rhonda :)

The Berry's Patch said...

Thank goodness for Advil. That's terrible to go through. The only other thing worse is back pain...yuck!

I totally agree about the cranky, rude holiday shoppers. I can't tell you how many times I was honked at in the car because I wasn't driving fast enough. I was also called many bad names and given the finger salute. I thought the holiday season was supposed to be joyful not mean...geeze!

I swear that picture with all the ribbon gets my heart going. I must be a sick person.

tardevil said...

I'm still trying to make the rounds to catch up from not blogging much during the holidays too! I hope you will be feeling better w/ the tooth problem. I know it must be NO FUN!