Saturday, January 3, 2009

Choose Your Word

I was reminded by a post of Linda's about choosing a word for the year. I've done this before and I really like how it seems to focus my endeavors when I could so easily be distracted.

What am I hoping for this year? What do I feel I need to work on? Where do I want to be in my journey? What word sums it all up?

My word for 2009 that I'd like to share with you is SIMPLIFY

It so happens I've used this word before a few years ago but I feel the need to use it again. Simplify to make simple or simpler: as a: to reduce to basic essentials b: to
diminish in scope or complexity : streamline c: to make more intelligible

I'm known as the organized one in real life, I've made maps of my attic, my spices are alphabetical, all my clothes hang on white hangers in rainbow order, light to dark, with subcategories of short to long sleeves, but still it's not enough! I have to tame this consumer diva inside me that wants more, more, more possessions and things, all that end up cluttering my home and life and leaving me dissatisfied with my blessings I've received. Enough! Time for me to Simplify so I can focus on more important things like spiritual growth, family, friends, creating.

Won't you join me in choosing your own word for the year to help you keep your focus on your goals? Please share your words with me! I'd love to hear them!


Southern Lady said...

Good morning, Kitty! I, too, need to make "Simplify" my word for the year. It sounds as if you are well on your way to simplifying things in your life and I hope to do the same with mine.

Thank you for visiting my Southern Lagniappe, and taking the time to leave such sweet comments.



Darlene said...

Hey Kitty,

I love your word simplify and I could use it as mine but I think I am going to go with de-clutter. I have so many cabinets and spaces that just have so much stuff shoved into them that they are not being used for what they should. Especially a couple of kitchen cabinets! I would LOVE to make myself work in different areas of my home each month and GET RID of tons of old things (ex. outgrown, out of style, paper clutter, etc.). It is a goal I will work on this year!

linda said...

Congratulations on picking your word for the year. Simplify is certainly a word that alot of us need to practice. I've been trying to simplify and declutter my home for a few months now, and boy does it feel good.

Good luck with your word this year. We'll periodically need to do updates to see how we're holding up to our challenges.

Rue said...

Thank you so much for coming by! I hope you don't mind, but I think I'll be using your word too :)

Happy New Year!

Daphine said...

Love your word. I am working on picking mine out and hope to post it soon!

Happy Sunday!

Sweetie said...

Something that is rather odd happened to me today. My daughter, Stephanie, called and asked me if I wanted to go to the Logan Valley Mall which is an hour's drive away. As we were driving, Stephanie said that first she needed to stop at another mall and go to Barnes and Noble. Her son received a gift certificate and wanted to use it. I haven't been to Barnes and Noble for years. I do occasionally order books from a local book store. When we reached Barnes and Noble, she asked me if I wanted to wait in the car since she would only be a few minutes. It was then that I thought of "Simple Abundance." I went in the store and went to customer service to see if the book was in stock. They did have "Simple Abundance A Daybook of Comfort and Joy." I was thrilled to buy it. I had never heard of the book until yesterday and now I will begin reading it. I truly believe that this was meant to be. What do you think?

Linda Lou said...

Hi Kitty, thanks for stopping by my blog. I think my words for the year are IGNITE PASSION, because it is time to start living from the place inside that helps us be all that we were meant to be!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, I really appreciate your comment and your thoughts. I know what you mean too, I am re-reading all the novels because i enjoy them more than anything!

Sweetie said...

I have really been thinking about "Simplify." I am starting by sorting through clothes and donating good clothes that I haven't wore in a year to the clothing bank. Please stop over for a visit. I have something for you.

The Berry's Patch said...

Hello Miss Kitty,

Simplify is such a GREAT word. I'm always looking for ways to simplify my life. I'm so impressed with your organization. I thought I was organized but not even close to your organization. I will work on that. :-)

tardevil said...

I'm leaving you an award at my place. It will be up by tomorrow. Hope you're having a great year!

Susie Harris said...

I like that word... sounds good to me. Now to remember to look for that book~