Thursday, January 1, 2009

SA - Welcome to you!

Have you found your copy of Simple Abundance yet? No worries, here's the beauty of this type of book, each day of the year has a little something written so you can pick up and join in any time! I learned that it's better to skip to the end of the month and read the review first as it sort of outlines the gist of what you're reading that month but you truly can jump in on any day. I'm going to give you a very brief sort of over view in my own words what this book is about.

Basically this is a road map to living a gratitude based life, exploring who you are as a creative being, embracing your caregiver role as wife and mother thru loving your home and creating a warm, inviting environment where you're not bogged down in clutter. It's a road map to learning what's really important in our daily lives and finding your authenticity in your daily round, setting aside time and space to reflect upon our spiritual journey as women. While the author doesn't specifically mention a particular faith you can easily incorporate your own personal faith and beliefs with this. So if you're looking for a scripture specific day to day journey this won't be it but I personally find it goes along nicely with my Bible study.

I'm going to share with you the six Simple Abundance principles so you can get started even if you don't have the book. Those six principles are Gratitude, Simplicity, Order, Harmony, Beauty and Joy. And I found the first week's worth of reading online here: January, Part 1

What I'm going to do is share periodically where I am in my journey towards Simple Abundance and if you happen to blog something related to your Simple Abundance journey I hope you'll title your entry using Simple Abundance or SA so we will know it's a SA post. It's my wish we take this journey as it comes, letting it unfold naturally and incorporating the bits that are meaningful to us and not worrying about the bits that are not.
Welcome to you!


Darlene said...

Hey Kitty,

I read today's passage of a new year's day...a fresh start (a fresh start is always so nice). That looks really good I am going to try to find it. I would love a book that I read something each day and strive to do it.

Melissa Wertz said...

What a good idea. Happy New Year to you Kitty! I have enjoyed getting to know you my friend.

Sidney (Sixy Mama) said...

I'm getting mine out and starting today!

Happy Happy New Year to you!

linda said...

I know I've got this book somewhere. I'll look for it tonight and get started myself.

It will be nice to hold each other accountable with our reading and then having the opportunity to share will be so worthwhile. Thank you for this encouragement!

Sweetie said...

Simple Abundance sounds intriguing. I really need to de-clutter my life and my mind.

Daphine said...

Okay...I really do need to join in on this. I'll see if I can get my book this weekend! THANKS so much for sharing about this!

Happy New Year to you!