Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend found treasure

As promised a peek at the treasures I found shopping last weekend. I've been wanting one of these for awhile. Haven't a clue where to put it.
Isn't she a beauty? Major vintage love on my part. All the keys work, she's fairly clean, the ribbon is readable. I love her. Would you believe $14 ?

I am fortunate to have a set of antique flatware found in the attic by my husband when he was a teenager and his family moved into an older home. Apparently the former owner left quite a few things in the attic, one of which was the flatware. My husband tracked her down and asked her just to make sure she hadn't left these things by mistake. She told him he could keep anything he found up there, said it was memories she could live without. Can you imagine? Poor soul! But what a fun treasure hunt that must have been for him! Years later he marries me and we start housekeeping with antique silver flatware, pretty posh for newlyweds. I don't use it for every day but I love it. So when I spied these pieces on sale half price I knew I had to snag them to help round out the serving pieces we have already. They don't match our set but who cares?

Since I've had rotten luck finding white plates at Goodwill I snapped these up the moment I saw them in the antique store. I love the creamy color, love the embossed design, love that they were half price! Plate hangers by Hobby Lobby of course!

I think the creamy white will look great against my Bungalow Gold walls in the dining room. If only I could be lucky enough to find a few more... Can I seriously get away with just hanging two till I do find more? What do ya'll think ladies? Can two work? I'm so bad they are still on my counter in the kitchen while I'm deciding so please help!

The rest of my loot was a wicker plant stand that I'm painting black for my front porch, a 1950's Singer Sewing Manual, major love as it shows all kinds of cool heirloom type sewing none of which I know anything about and a Griest button holer that fingers crossed will fit my vintage Singer. Quite a haul and my friend found a beautiful antique bed with rounded carved posts, headboard and foot board for $76 on sale! It's solid wood, heavy, lovely, and I teased her that it's actually going to be mine as it's for their guest room and I'm a frequent guest down Charleston way! Wished I'd thought to get a picture of it. Now we're talking about possibly making a quilt for it. Another project added to the never ending list. I'm not a quilter but I can do a rag quilt, which got me thinking... I truly need a bedroom makeover. Maybe I'll post pictures and open it up for suggestions and ideas.


J'Ollie Primitives said...

Oh my gosh! I have a coffee pot with that orange-y floral design. The flowers are a bit different but it looks darn close. If you'd like it, it's yours for the taking.

will send a pic if you'd like ~ you can email me at with your email address. The bottom of the pot says "TME Enterprises Aluminum Co., Massillon Ohio."

The Berry's Patch said...

I remember my mom having a type writer just like that. I would have a blast going through someones old attic. I bet there were lots of treasures.

Brandee :-)

Blissful Nikki said...

can I officially hate you for that typewriter? I used to have one just like that when I was a know before we all had computers in our house. It was my great-grandmothers, and when we moved, we left it in the house on accident! :( I guess someone else is loving on it now! Hey...maybe thats the same one? hehehe

Empty Nest Full Life said...

My advice on hanging the plates is to wait. I would make the one with flower on it my center plate. You want to have an idea of the shape of your arrangement if that makes any sense. Check out Susie Harris' plate over her bead and I have a wall with plate, that maybe I will do a post about this week. Kimba also painted plates so that is another idea. She has that posted at her sight too.

Susie Harris said...

Oh that typewritter is a beaut! Love her... I want one now, smile... As soon as company goes back to Texas you know where Im headed... HL... smiles, miss you and my computer time but Im lovin' my friend being here.. Chat longer later... Susie h~

Mrs. Trixi said...

You did great and oh, I would love that typewriter.

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Buy more plates and just paint them the right color! Someone recently posted about doing that on her blog. Kimba maybe?? I can't remember!

~ Sarah

Kimba said...

Those are some fantastic finds! Love the typewriter.

As far as the plates, I think it depends on where you're going to use them. If it's a large wall, I think I'd wait but if it's a small area, go for it!

I'd be happy to give my opinion on a furniture rehab.

Shannon said...

Love all your finds! Especially the typewriter! So fun! I agree with Kimba about the plates.

Anonymous said...

Wow you truly scored on that typewriter. I found an old aqua colored one at goodwill a few months ago. Still don't know where to put it but I knew I had to have it.

Great finds!


Kimba said...

I got your picture of the buffet. It's beautiful! What a great piece. I'm completely with you on painting it black. It would look gorgeous.

I think a little distressing would be perfect since it already has a little wear.

My sister painted her kitchen chairs black a few years ago and did something interesting. She primed them like normal then she painted on a coat of red paint. Then she put the black on top of that. So when the became distressed (by children) the red paint peeked out.

I thought it was a neat idea although I'm not sure how it would translate to your buffet. Straight black may be the way to go.

Have fun and make sure to post pictures. Can't wait to see it!

Bella said...

Thank you for all of the advice on my living room, I appreciate it!

I thought I had you on my bloglist, but there was a red 'x' next to it on there, not sure why, so I am adding it again:)

Try etsy (vintage section) and ebay for white plates, maybe even craigslist? And you can get something brass, aluminum, etc and spray paint it white, think outside the box ;) Good Luck!


Screaming Meme said...

I love those curtains! I want to see them close up.....