Sunday, July 13, 2008

The After

Welcome to my crafting room, come on in!
I made the panels to hide all my visual clutter on the hutches.
A little velcro holds my table skirt in place, a overlapping front makes it easy to get to my hidden crafting supplies.

With all the cabinets there's very little wall space for pictures so I hung this right over the panels. It's light weight and easy to move.

I need molding!

Pretzel jars with decoupaged tops holding ribbon scraps and decapitated flowers.
These cabinets hold most of my craft paints, needlework kits, box full of hermafix refills, stencils and various crafting supplies.

Top of my dryer, basket catches left in pockets items.

My soap jar, I love it.

Utilizing every single bit of space I can to store my crafting supplies.

The shopping bag holds emtpy SU containers.

My husband brought the window home from a job site for me. I filled it with vintage papers and a picture from Charleston, my favorite city!

Shelf over the door, taking advantage of every available space to decorate.

A little curtain I made from some scrap fabric, love the Eiffel towers.
Hmmm, where to hang a picture?

There's a good spot!

I added a little embellishment to my punch rack, rub on letters spelling "ART", blue and white striped ribbon hot glued to the front and a little flower in the corner. Next to it is a iron work crown hook holding a decorative key and my decorated paint can key. I could never find one when I needed one so now I always have one handy.
Remember the breakbox eyesore? I painted it and got cute Eiffel tower magnets to hold some of my postcards, some were from my dear friend Debs, and others I collected while in Japan.

Thinking I'll make matching panels to hide my under counter paper rack.
I've since painted the baskets under the sink shelf thingy.

My busy corner filled with wicker cannisters holding supplies and pictures of family and friends.

One of my basket make overs.

Inside view of uppers.

My new under counter light hubby installed so I could see. Lighting is a huge issue with me when I'm working.

OK I have a few supplies....

This is on a tiny strip of wall between cabinets and hutches, I made the altered canvas and plan to do a companion piece for below the photo frame.

I love this basket, found in a local antique shop, hubby says it is from a Hoosier cabinet, love the red chippy paint even if it doesn't match my room. Perfect size to hold vintage papers and 12x12 papers. Ooops, missed hanging that wall hook up.
Thank you for visiting my craft room! I hope you enjoyed seeing it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. You are very welcome to come craft with me any time! I love company!


Anonymous said...

I want a craft room. I need a room for crafts. If only I had the extra space. I wouldn't have to clutter the kitchen table. Your craft room is very organized and I love that "Create" sign.


Shannon said...

What a great craft room!!! I love that re-purposed window!!

Susie Harris said...

I would love to have a room like that. A room I could call my very own... one day. I love the way you decorated with things that are created by you... That soap jar is to die for!No wonder you can come up with so many neat ideas... You have a great place to let those ideas flow..... Thanks for sharing your space. I would show you mine if I had one. It's the kitchen table, the bar, mu bedroom floor.... smile.... Yes, Pumkin' Tassels.... I will show you soon!

Susie Harris said...

Hey girlfriend.... We do need to go shopping indeed! I was at the Royal Standard in Baton Rouge... again! Those little shoes are so comfy.....It will take me a year to get this house clean...ick! I will do a post just for you. What I put in my fancy jars, smile... susie h~

Darlene said...

I would love a dedicated craft room. You have lots of neat supplies. I love those black chunky the one that says create. I am watching those at Hobby Lobby hoping when they go on sale I can get some.

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Ooooh, look at all that storage space--you have SO much space for your goodies! (Yes, I'm a wee bit jealous!!)

~ Sarah