Friday, July 11, 2008

Before, During, Wait for the After

After 5 years of not living in our home (employment reasons), we moved back in two years ago and were faced with a house destroyed by people we had called friends. I'll leave the horrific details to your imagination but suffice it to say we had to repair our entire home with a budget of about $1200 which covered the leaky pipes, leaky roof, major holes in the walls, and lots of other crimes committed to our poor house! I know everyone loves a before/after so here's one of my favorite rooms in my house, my creative space. I also share the 8 x 12 space with my washer/dryer. Major DIY work was done by my darling men folk to carve this space out for me. I'll spare you the gory DIY details. Our budget was like $20, seriously I don't remember what we spent exactly but I do remember we didn't have anything to spend so I'm sure it was under $100. The cabinets were completely salvaged from a friend's kitchen remodel. The work has been done in stages over the last two years.

Phase One which I call humble...

New countertop scored for $10 and my darling husband sanded my walls one weekend so I could paint. I repurposed the over the sink shelf thingy, great for holding more crafting junk.

This is Phase Two ~ A little progress but nothing pretty yet...At this point I was still figuring out how I wanted it to look...and that breaker box? Yeah, I know! Eyesore!

Hmm, I wonder where those stamp hutches came from? Anyone have a guess? I basically have no wall space now with the cabinets so in order to use these hutches dear sweet hubby installed them right over the only window in the room. I took a poll with my friends and everyone said Lose the window, keep the hutches! So I did and I truly haven't missed it because the hutches are awesome. Visually cluttered? You betcha but I love them. And they are the very first thing you see entering the room as they are directly opposite my door.

On to Phase Three ~ Wait for it, I will post those pictures soon!


Susie Harris said...

Whewww I almost started to worry. Woke up this morning to no Miss Kitty... What is this world coming too.... Glad you are ok... you have me spoiled to your sweet little comments every morning... smiles... Susie h~

Jen r. said...

Woow, what a great make over. I love what you did!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to say hi and leave such a nice comment! I am off to look around your blog some more! Jen R

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Oh my Word I love your craft area!!!! A girl after my own heart picking out of the trash. AND to be able to work at Hobby Lobby double score!!!! I don't have one near me, but my SIL goes all the time in Columbus. She bought me some rubber stamps there for my projects.

Thanks for visiting my blog today please do come back as I enjoy the company!


Nicole said...

It looks awesome. So jealous of your scrapbooking cabinet. At first I thought you were showing a picture from a magazine with all your neatly organized stuff.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Boy,I must get to organizing! I was working on a little project last night(posted today) and I was a little frustrated that everything was spread out over too many places. Great Room!