Sunday, June 6, 2010

a photo-less post and a lot of anxiety

After sharing in my so very long ago last post about the loss of a special friendship I've had some anxiety about continuing blogging. I don't know why... I think in my case the reasons for anxiety doesn't make sense after all I've been shown nothing but kindness and loving support from blogging friends and their comments but yet it's there physically manifesting as weird expectant feelings of impending doom in the pit of my stomach along with a racing heart as I comtemplate posting an update... *smiles*

So what have I been doing?

A whole lot of work for one thing, my job has taken off and grown steadily but just last week it's exploded as a local competitor sold out and all their little friends were frantically searching for a new place *smiles* We bought a car just after the first of the year so I'm no longer sharing my 3 hour round trip commute with my dear hubs in his vintage '86 Ford Ranger pickup but I now have bi-weekly car payments which drastically cut into my discretionary spending money. Our son is about to graduate college and is looking for employment while I daydream about having an empty nest *smiles* My dear husband and I are in the early months of a major life style change as we reject the word diet because diets have never gotten us anywhere and we are losing weight and feeling great eating cleaner, healthier and more wholesome foods. I've suffered from some unbearable foot pain and will start seeing a massage therapist soon for treatment. Hmmm, what else? Went to Charleston SC to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary in March only to come down with a wicked case of Noro-virus which pretty much ruined our visit. I managed to walk around the city I adore for a bit on our last day, otherwise I was too weak to get out of the car for the other days. That's about it friends, nothing major, just regular day to day living going on with a grateful heart for the blessings we enjoy in our lives.

I've been keeping with you guys on google reader though even if I don't comment. I've turned into a major lurker *smiles* I've been watching... lol I'm so proud of you guys for all your creative endeavors! Miz Darlene I'd love to know if your chicken spaghetti is a hit because I have an even simpler version of this dish that I serve at school which everyone loves and I'd be happy to share it with you. And Miz Susie I'd love to know how your daughter's allergies are coming along... what on earth do you feed that child since she is so limited? I have little friends with allergies too and I'm very curious how you and your sweet girl handle it.

OK anxiety is slipping away and I'm starting to feel better...

maybe I'll even get around to posting a little more often with some photos... I'm working on a Jane Austen inspired altered canvas tote bag that has cost me ZERO dollars in the making *smiles*

And Thank you friends for your sweet comments while I've fallen off the face of blogland!

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Darlene said...

Hey Kitty,

I'm so glad to "see" you!!! I do hope you will start posting again (at least some) because isn't your blog really just for YOU and of course, anyone else that loves to read it.

Glad your job is going so well and that you aren't having to share a car anymore. It sounds like you and your hubby are doing GREAT with your lifestyle change.

Oh, and guess what? I haven't managed to make my chicken spaghetti yet. Since school got out we have been grilling or just eating whatevers. It has been too hot to be cooking in the kitchen, since I try to keep the thermostat higher so we don't have a WHOPPER of an electric bill.

Hope you are having a wonderful week. Glad to hear from you.♥