Sunday, December 21, 2008

More ChrisTmas Decorations

Last year I really over-did my mantel. I thought it looked fabulous but looking back on the pictures I'm asking myself what was I thinking? So this year with limited time and resources I went a simpler route. Perhaps too simple? I like it and I especially like that my mantel doesn't scream Christmas and can live as it is well into January without me cringing at the sight of Christmas decorations left up past Epiphany. Love the metal tree votive candle holder which is a Family Dollar circa 2002 find but I still haven't picked up some LED fake candles for it. Sold at Hobby Lobby, that store I'm in practically every day all day long, working my fingers to the bone, far too busy to snatch up a pack with a 40% off coupon...*sigh*
Mr Snowman was a Hellmart clearance find maybe back in 2003, I love him so much! His colors match my decor perfectly, I could decorate an entire house with his color scheme...Oh wait, I did decorate my entire house with his color scheme *smiles* And the bird is resting in the last remaining intact stemmed crystal dessert cup that Miss Fatty Catty Sissy managed to destroy.

My apothecary jars... If you're one of my three regular readers then you know that I'm a jar filler challenged person. I'm been in treatment, taking injections for it, I'm trying really hard to overcome this challenge I have... Am I there yet?

And finally a new purse for the holidays, so what if it's been lying on my sewing table buried under more sewing for weeks? Better finished a week before Christmas than a week after I say!


Darlene said...

Hey Kitty,

Your mantle looks beautiful! The apothecary jars look great too! You know I love me some apothecary jars! And look at that adorable purse....TOO CUTE!!!!!

Daphine said...

I think your mantel is just beautiful! Great pictures!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

You made that purse? Right before Christmas? Unbelievable!! :)

Sidney (Sixy Mama) said...

Too funny! I'm not one of your three "regular: readers, but I do check in frequently. I, too, am apothecarily challenged!! Yours look great, tho!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Your mantle looks great and as you say you can leave it up for some time. Very pretty purse too!

Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for stopping by!


jeanne said...

Hi Kitty, I came over from one of my posts to wish you a Merry Christmas.
Your mantel looks beautiful. I love the snowman and all the rest. I don't what you did last year but this year you are looking good.

May your holidays be full of joy and love.

Christmas cheers...Jeanne

Melissa Wertz said...


Your decorations are just great!

I hope that you and your family had a wonderful and Merry Christmas this year.