Saturday, July 10, 2010

a quick Charleston lunch

Much earlier this year I had the chance to go to another food show in Charleston SC. Now I've mentioned several times before how much my husband and I love Charleston, it's simply our favorite place ever so a quick mid-week expenses paid trip to our favorite place is a no-brainer, absolutely ! We are there! So this is us on our way.
After lots of food show stuff on the first day and a huge customer appreciation party that evening we decided to spend our second day going downtown and having a quick bite of lunch before making the return trip home. The day was sunny and clear with a cool breeze, perfect weather! I wish we could have explored more but since we both had to work the next day we enjoyed this little slice of Charleston till our next visit.
If you've been to Charleston then you can imagine how rare it would be to have a picture of this particular location without another person or vehicle in sight! Charleston mid-week is a slightly different city from Charleston weekends.
One of our favorite local casual places to eat is the Noisy Oyster. Their food is always yummy, excellent service and reasonably priced menu.

Forgive my awful photo! But this is one of my absolute Charleston favorites, She-crab soup! See the melting butter pool? Yum!

And another Charleston lunch favorite of mine is the Shrimp Po'boy sandwich with cheesey grits and red rice!

I have to visit Charleston several times a year or else I feel displaced and disquieted. Charleston calls to me, I can't explain it but I just know I have to be there. I feel a harmony within when I visit and wish I could live there all year round never leaving.

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Darlene said...

It sounds like a fabulous quick trip for you and even better that it was expenses paid!!!