Saturday, September 19, 2009

Potluck Bridal Shower food

I miss blogging! I miss visiting all the wonderfully creative and beautiful blogs of my friends, I miss commenting on them every day and feeling like a part of the blogland community. But I know many of you struggle balancing work, family, and blogging too, so I know you understand where I'm coming from. Between our single vehicle daily commuter lifestyle and the rigors of family life there's not enough hours in my day. I fall asleep within minutes of going to bed... who won Big Brother??? But here's the joy, I'm loving my career path! All the passion and excitment I felt years ago when I entered this field has been renewed. I'm happier with my work life than I've ever been before, what a blessing. And since I have been blessed with a wonderful although very small family, it's all good. Small challenges like a single beat up 83 small Ranger pickup truck to make an hour+ one way commute in is NOTHING compared to my daily joy with life in general. Frugal lifestyle aside, I feel like we are living rich and I anxiously await each day to see what unfolds...

Fringe benefit of working with children is the sweet spontaneous hugs they give. Imagine that...

We had a little staff meeting with a potluck bridal shower tossed in. Here's my contribution... yummy chicken salad with grapes. I've never made it that way before and this recipe certainly was a huge hit, definitely a keeper!

More cupcakes, white on white! The little cupcake decorations were super easy to make once my brain got to thinking! I've seen so many adorably sweet cupcake decorations but really didn't have the time or computer skills to invest in making them. So I bought a few packs of K&Company 3 D wedding stickers from the local Mightly Dollar store along with some Sizzix die cuts and toothpicks. What do you think? Not too bad for being made "on the fly" and it gave me lots of ideas for other cupcake picks to make *smiles*

If you want to make your own just sandwich a toothpick between a sticker and a diecut or punch. Press together carefully, easy peasy!
Next post will be some fall decorations *smiles*
Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor of Love

Allow me a moment to gush about my first two weeks on my dream job.
Yes it's all that I hoped for & more, so much more!
My boss is simply amazing, she is so inspiring! She has provided us all with the tools & environment necessary to succeed. I can't tell you what a blessing it is to work for her, she truly, genuinely, sincerely appreciates all of our efforts. I don't expect pats on the back or atta'girls because I believe as a professional that I have the drive, motivation & integrity to do my job to the best of my abilities without extra rewards or praise...
but gosh, it wonderful to be told how great of a job I'm doing!
She paid me the nicest compliment while introducing me to her accountants explaining how I was the perfect chef for this job because not only am I great chef but I'm a germophob who likes to save money!

In honor of my thrifty nature I'm doing a little bit of rework on these adorable bibs for the babies and toddlers. They are pvc free vinyl like fabric with a cute little crumb catcher pocket across the bottom but the tee shirt style neck holes are way too small to go over their heads.

I promise you these bibs will be thoroughly washed before being used but trying to get a picture without Indy-bug on them was a trick.

I'm just going to open up the back seam, do a little fold over or in as the case may be and stitch a piece of velcro on them so they will be useable.

Oh the fabrics are too cute ~ see the little purses & monkeys! I have 20 bibs to work on...

And this weekend is the Hendersonville Apple Festival ~ And I'm hopeful for a bit of fall decorating time ~ And of course time spent with my family ~ Enjoy the holiday weekend!