Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor of Love

Allow me a moment to gush about my first two weeks on my dream job.
Yes it's all that I hoped for & more, so much more!
My boss is simply amazing, she is so inspiring! She has provided us all with the tools & environment necessary to succeed. I can't tell you what a blessing it is to work for her, she truly, genuinely, sincerely appreciates all of our efforts. I don't expect pats on the back or atta'girls because I believe as a professional that I have the drive, motivation & integrity to do my job to the best of my abilities without extra rewards or praise...
but gosh, it wonderful to be told how great of a job I'm doing!
She paid me the nicest compliment while introducing me to her accountants explaining how I was the perfect chef for this job because not only am I great chef but I'm a germophob who likes to save money!

In honor of my thrifty nature I'm doing a little bit of rework on these adorable bibs for the babies and toddlers. They are pvc free vinyl like fabric with a cute little crumb catcher pocket across the bottom but the tee shirt style neck holes are way too small to go over their heads.

I promise you these bibs will be thoroughly washed before being used but trying to get a picture without Indy-bug on them was a trick.

I'm just going to open up the back seam, do a little fold over or in as the case may be and stitch a piece of velcro on them so they will be useable.

Oh the fabrics are too cute ~ see the little purses & monkeys! I have 20 bibs to work on...

And this weekend is the Hendersonville Apple Festival ~ And I'm hopeful for a bit of fall decorating time ~ And of course time spent with my family ~ Enjoy the holiday weekend!


The Berry's Patch said...

Hey Kitty! How nice to be introduced as the "perfect chef" sounds like a wonderful job. I'm loving your kitty all over those soft silky kitty would do the same.

Darlene said...

Oh, it sounds like the new job is just devine!!! What a great boss! Those bibs are just too cute and great job getting them wearable! Yep, keeping my indoor cats off ANYTHING would challange ANYONE!!!!! I definitely understand! Have a fabulous holiday weekend.♥

Shana said...


Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Kitty, Congratulations on your new job! I didn't know you were a chef! My brother graduated from Johnson and Wales in Charleston, but got out of the profession when his kids were born. The hours were too much, with two little ones around. I hope one day he will go back too! I love the bibs you are working on! And I am so happy that you are happy! :) I can feel your passion and content in your words!

Hope you enjoy the festival this weekend! I'm trying to do a little fall decorating too! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Brenda said...

So glad you are enjoying your new job! A chef, a woman of many talents! Pride and Prejudice has been slow going. I have had quite a few things needing done and finished up before the end of Michigan's good weather. I am not a winter person so I will soon be staying inside with my books and crafty projects. You are right, I am not liking mother Bennet very well. What kind of mother would send a daughter out in a soon to be rain storm? That is where I am. Jane is in bed sick at the Bingley's and Mr. Darcy does seem to be coming around a little.

Brenda said...

Hi Kitty,
I wrote to you earlier this week but I think I lost the post before attaching it somehow. I wished and do wish you well on you new job! Always great to love you job. Also I have moved on a little with the book. Mr. Darcy is not quite as rotten but as you said I would not, I am not liking Jane's mother much for sending her out in the rain. Too much end of summer work going on around here for much reading. Soon enough though I will have more time when the Michigan weathers starts getting cold.