Sunday, November 30, 2008

Life in Retail...

I am exhausted after working long crazy hours this holiday weekend. And I'm coming down with some sort of awful crud. Please forgive my lack of blogging. I hope to be back at it very soon but for now I'm going to rest and try to get over this crud that is wearing me down. Many happy blessings to everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008


My sideboard is all cleaned, wood filled, sanded and ready to be prime coated! I'm so excited but my dear sweet Mr Darcy suggested I wait till after Thanksigiving before tackling the painting. I think he's afraid he won't get his huge feast lest I'm still painting. So I'm reluctantly going to wait till after Thanksgiving to finish it. In the meanwhile though I thought about buying some of these to cover with the red silk fabric that's on the bottom of my dining room window treatment, what do you think?

I scored a pair of buffet lamps in a yard sale up in Lake Lure for $4 !!! But they were without shades and sometimes you can spend way too much replacing shades. You know how I love a bargain and I can get these for $6.99 a piece then 50% off plus my discount so I end up with two for less than the price of one. I can't go wrong right?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daydreams vs Reality

One of the things I love most about my old house is it's dining room. I never lived in a home with a proper dining room, most had dining areas and some had eat-in kitchens. And when we purchased this home years ago my Mother was living with us so we used the dining room as our family room so there would be room for Mother. It was only after we moved back into our home about 3 years ago that I finally had a dining room. I've spent countless hours over the last 20 odd years daydreaming about this:And sometimes I'd daydream about dining rooms that looked like this:

Once we moved back in I especially started to daydream about these:
With all that daydreaming of mine what have I ended up with? Good question! This is what I ended up with, a thrifted, neglected, abused, unloved, very dirty, old, broken down sideboard purchased from the Summerville Flea Market for $50 a few months back. I have since decided I paid way too much! It lives on my porch and helps to round out my white trash decor to adore so we can fit in with our neighbors lest they find out we're not really from around here you know...
Sorry the picture is so small but trust me, this baby doesn't improve with enlargement! It's a big project and we've (my darling Mr Darcy and me) just started tackling it. In case you're wondering when the best time to start a big furniture rehab project is, let me clue you in, the absolute best time is as soon as the weather turns too cold to work outside and it's less than two weeks before a major holiday! *smiles*

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm a WoW Widow...

My darling Mr Darcy and The Boy play World of Warcraft together. The new expansion pack came out Wednesday night at midnight... Of course The Boy stood in line at Gamestop to buy their copies. The Boy stayed up all night installing both on to the their computers. My darling Mr Darcy took Friday off as a personal day in order to play the new game. After staying up all night he's resting now but I'm sure he'll be kicking me off the computer any time now. So since I'm a WoW widow I'm off to meet a friend for coffee then on to another friend's scrapbook store to play with paper *smiles* Are you a WoW widow too? Or maybe you're a golf widow or NASCAR widow or Football widow? what do you do when your menfolk are completely absorbed into their games/hobbies?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mr Darcy goes a thrifting...

My darling Mr Darcy took me on a thrifting adventure weekend before last. We drove over to the little foothills village of Landrum in search of the Habitat for Humanity Resale shop. We were not disappointed. I found these two ironstone plates for 75 cents each but when I checked out discovered they had been on the half price table! Can't beat that deal! I thought I'd hang them with my other two pretty plates I found on my birthday.
As I walked thru the shop I came to the linens section. I thought why not have a look and I started digging thru stacks of linens and found these animal print Euro shams, two of them for 25 cents a piece! Of course I had to get them even though I have nothing remotely close to cooridinating with them in my bedroom. And I found 6 beige cloth napkins for 25 cents each. I love using cloth napkins, don't you?
Now brace yourself for this next find. A set of 8 crystal stemmed dessert glasses for only $8!!! Perfect or almost perfect condition. Upon very close inspection I noticed one had the tiniest of little chipped area along the rim but this is nothing compared to the beauty of them. I would never have noticed it if I hadn't been looking really really close. Where to store them? Display them? *sigh*
A small apothocary jar for a dollar! Maybe it won't be as intimidating for me to fill up since it's small.
Landrum is a quaint little town with several antique shops and artsy style shops, lots of fun to explore on a beautiful fall day with your schmoopy-pie! We had lunch at a rustic and dark little place named "The Hare and Hound", did I mention this was a horsey enthusiastic community? *smiles* It just added to the charm, my darling Mr Darcy used to show horses in his youth so he enjoys the whole atmosphere. I do too.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award

Do you know Darlene of Darlene's Days? I bet you do, she has such a cute blog where she shares her daily decorating adventures whether it's a thrifted find she's made over into something totally fab or pictures of her dear daughter Lexi's adorable bedroom each entry is truly worth reading and copying. Now she's a sweetie, so sweet in fact that she was given the Perfect Blend of Friendship Award and passed it along to me! Imagine my surprise and delight. Be sure to visit her blog, she's a daily must read for me and I'm sure she'll fast become one of your favorite blogs too.

This award asks you to answer four questions.

Do you have the same friends since childhood? I moved several times growing up and lost contact with many friends but I've been blessed in recent years to be reunited with a few. Even though we live in different states we manage to keep in touch thru emails and it's wonderful.

What do you value most about your friends? Understanding. I think it's too easy to find fault with people and take offense. I value friends who try to understand where someone else may be coming from before judging, like the old saying about walking a mile in another's shoes.

Are your friends sounding boards? Absolutely! I tend to obsess over things and by talking things over with them it helps me to have clarity. I value their opinions and experiences.

What is your favorite activity to share with friends? Shopping is pretty close to the top of my list but I think time spent just hanging out and creating is pretty wonderful.

Now I am supposed to pass this along to three of my blogging friends they are:

Susie at Bienvenue

Rhonda at Scooterblu's Whimsy

Debs at Langfordlass

Be sure to stop by their blogs, you'll quickly see why I think they are wonderful blogging friends! And don't forget to visit Darlene of Darlene's Days who honored me with this special friendship award.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

This One's For Darlene!

I started this project just before I left on my grand Hobby Lobby Adventure to Statesboro GA. I finally finished it Monday morning! This is NOT a difficult project but things are a little crazy in my home lately... I don't remember being this busy when my child was little. Here I am today with two over the age of 18 (The Boy and his fiancee The Girl), two kitties inside, two puppies outside, a divine Mister and a never ending TO-Do list... Of course the twice daily round trips south (each 45 minutes one way = 3 hours daily commute) doesn't help much when it comes to creating more hours in my day to create and play.
If anyone has the answer for all of us struggling crafting diva's please share! Cause I ain't figured it out yet... *smiles* Have a wonderfully blessed and creative day!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pumpkin Carving with Indy

The Girl loves to carve pumpkins and she loves her new kitty, Indy so naturally we had to combine the two...

What is that?

Oh that face!
My turn, let me have him!

The Girl says it's from a Batman comic book...

She would know...

She's a huge Dark Knight fan so I'm taking her word for it.

I may not recognize it but I still think it's pretty awesome looking


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Meet Indiana Jones...

The newest addition to our little family...

oh that face!
My pleasure to introduce "Indy" short for Indiana Jones...
I know, he's darling, so precious, so little... my heart melts!Here's Indy snoozing with Pop-pop
Here's Indy snoozing with The Girl
Aww, he's such a little bit of fluff...
A black Tabby-kitty
That face!

The Girl has tiny little feet so you can't really see how tiny he is.
I worry we're going to step on him so I'm always watching my feet as
I'm walking around our home.
Sometimes it helps to have a new love to help you get over
losing an old love... Nothing could ever replace our sweet Slyvester
but Indy is a loving balm on our broken hearts.